Josh Grabelle

February 10, 2016

RIP Jon Bunch (Sense Field)


In the summer of 1994 I was putting on hardcore shows in my parent’s basement in Tinton Falls, NJ. On August 20th the band Sense Field played with State Of The Nation, Rain Still Falls, One Nature, and Copper. I was giddy with excitement because Sense Field were one of my favorite bands EVER, as well as Jon’s former melodic hardcore band Reason To Believe. I think that is when we first met and the band was fantastic as always and everyone had a blast and the band spent the night. Jon Bunch and I remained friends and pen pals (yes, before email) and later that year I asked him to contribute an essay to my fanzine. The 3rd issue of my zine “Trustkill” came out in the Fall of 1994 with a bunch of writings from friends on religion. I knew Jon had an interesting take on everything from his lyrics, so I was appreciative of his addition. I forget why he wanted to use a pen name (James Esbern) instead of Jon Bunch, but the piece was great and I wanted to share it with everyone so here it is.

RIP Jon Bunch. Your music and lyrics and vocals will live on forever.

September 11, 2015

Legacy Magazine


Cool new feature on me and all the latest from Bullet Tooth in this month’s Legacy Magazine out of Germany.

August 25, 2015


Excited to announce the worldwide signing of RITUAL from Hamilton, ON! Rad dudes making killer music. Debut album on Bullet Tooth this Fall.

August 24, 2015

Design Work!


Just launched my design portfolio with some recent album art and design I’ve done including the new Secondhand Serenade album “Undefeated”. Check it out!